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Introducing our Horse embellished Cave Art dinnerware. Pieces can be intermingled with our larger signature pieces, used alone, or together as a set for a magnificent dining room presentation. Pieces are presented are the Dinner Plate (8 horses), Salad Plate (1 horse), Soup Bowl (1 horse), and Goblet. You can purchase sets, individual pieces, we will customize in other colors too. Each piece is hand-drawn and glazed. Keep in mind no two pieces are alike, you and your guest will be dining on fine unique one of a kind art!   Each piece carries its individual personality. Our beloved horses will ride high on the plate edge, or maybe one will be running with a little more background. They look gorgeous gracing your table (or on one of our custom tables),  be ready to have some dinner conversation about these horses, as your guests will be impressed. Call us for a consultation, we love working with our clients, helping them achieve the look and pieces they want. We offer custom hardwood furniture with inlaid matching tiles, or scenes.   

pieces are all microwavable, and dishwasher safe.