Caddy (shown in Turquoise)

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Our multipurpose caddy is not only stylistic and gorgeous, it's super functional, graced with two of our beloved running horses.. one on each side and 3 compartments.   No need to place this up against a wall.. it's finished and completely glazed 360°.  Uses:    Caddy for utensils;  potlucks and buffets.  Beautify your Orion Crossing  table with a caddy full of napkins, flowers, condiments,  go asian with chop sticks and tea spoons.. for your bedroom dresser or bathroom counter,  this caddy will hold your brushes and combs.   We use it here at Orion Crossing for pens, pencils,  artist brushes , rulers.. an all around organizer.   Black interior glaze .   food safe glaze, dishwasher and microwavable friendly.