Cowboy's Touch Artisan Jams

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Orion Crossing Fine Art is proud to present Cowboy's Touch artisan jams, dips, and salsas all conveniently packaged to bring ease and a wow factor to any gathering and table.    Let our chefs do the chopping, grating, slicing and  simmering for you.  You will be amazed by the duality of our products. For example a jam can be served on toast, muffins, veggies,  added to a roast, served over a block of cream cheese with crackers, the possibilities are endless.   Keep a few jars and bottles in your cupboard for surprise guests, hostess and client gift giving.     You will gain simplicity in preparation, but no short cuts in the delicious gourmet results.     We will include a list of serving suggestions with each purchase.    CONTAINS NO MSG OR ANYTHING YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE.