Cowboy Christmas Booth picture

Posted by Orion Crossing on

Sunday, Dec 7th, Day 4 !  We have been busy as bees in our booth.  Normally the first few days are steady, with a little lag time in between helping customers and catching up with our booth mates.  However, this year it has  been completely opposite, we are swamped!!   We have an unexpected venue taking over the South Halls, there is a hunter's expo from Thursday till today. (Cowboy Christmas is in the  North Hall ) .   It  took us a while to figure out what was going on,  usually there is a  pencil- tip -refill  symposium going on in the South Halls,  and what use to be men in wrinkled suits with baffled looks on their faces wandering about  has now  been replaced with beefy hunks of  manly men, in flannel and jeans.   I'm sure their wives and families will be delighted with the gifts from their thoughtful hunters.   We got a few requests for Bison, and safari theme pieces.   Which we have done in the past, but did not have anything with us.  We gave cards out and offered to do special orders.    It's been a crazy few days, and we are having a ball!     We only have a few Show Special platters left.   We are going in early tomorrow to restock our display, and hang up some Christmas lights.