We have arrived! Cowboy Christmas 2014 : Show Special

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We are in Las Vegas W00-H00!! and we look forward to seeing you at the show with great anticipation!! Come On by to say hello and take a look at our new fine art creations!!



This is our gorgeous show special, *(hand-model not included! ;)

Cowboy Color Platter 

Boy, we have been busy! We arrived at the Las Vegas convention center early in the afternoon yesterday; thank goodness it was an uneventful and pleasant road trip.
It is hard to believe we have been doing this show close to 10 years now and each year we come back it always feels like we were just here yesterday. It is truly like coming home. We enjoy what we do, and we do it for all of you because we love seeing old faces and new ones too. We are so grateful for your support.


We drove along the desert highway in our faithful old truck, it takes about 5 hours, (maybe 6  stopping for lunch.) to get to Las Vegas.
Last year we welcomed a new helper, our long time family sister/friend Nancy. I am telling you, she rocked the booth last year! we actually sold out much earlier than anticipated thanks to her unabated effort. We are ecstatic to having her back with us this year! --Thank you Nancy!
Nancy's skills and love of people did not go unnoticed. I'm not going to mention names... however, one of our booth-mates from down our row, stole her from us! lol They wanted her to work their booth the last day of the show! and it all worked out. :) This booth was the gourmet food booth, and guess what? Nancy was compensated partly with their gourmet food items... sooo yummy! If you get a chance this year, go visit them as well. You will love their food!!
During the road-trip, Nancy let us load her Honda van to the seams with even more ceramics, and our must-have incidentals and luggage. We were sporting the Beverly Hillbilly look... and she made it so much fun! The truck was packed-up high with furniture, --and boxes and boxes of ceramics and then we covered it with a bright blue tarp! Fortunately, we beat the rain on our way out of Southern California by a few hours.
Finally, we spent the day setting up our booth, and putting our display shelves up. Now we are ready to welcome everyone again this year!
*Psssst... $79.00 includes plate stand. (Not the hand.) :D